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My most recent completed manuscript is PARALITHS, a young adult fantasy novel. It’s a coming-of-age adventure about two brothers who reunite and set out to solve a family mystery. PARALITHS is the first book in a duology. I’m working on the sequel. For more information on what it’s about (and what the hell a paralith is), check out my summary below:

The night his older brother returns home, Iyo finally learns of his father’s secret.

Ves leads Iyo through the woods to a paralith, a giant boulder that his brother tells him is somehow connected to a second paralith in the Drackett Lands—a region of Traum thousands of miles away. Iyo touches it, and he suddenly finds himself lying next to a river in a strange land.

Confused, scared, and still wearing his pajamas, 16-year-old Iyo learns that Ves now has their father’s map showing the location of a third paralith, something he’s been searching for since he ran away ten years ago.

Iyo knows nothing of where he is or what he’s doing. But he can’t go back home—the paraliths only teleport one-way—so he has no choice but to join his estranged brother on his quest.

From the angry dwarves in the Drackett Lands to the hypnotic Higgenhubbles of Arter Woods, Iyo quickly realizes how little he knows about the world. But with every challenge he faces, his regret with leaving home turns into a commitment to fill the emptiness given to him by an absent father and unravel the mystery behind a string of eight interconnected paraliths.

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