Putting the ‘Electro’ in Electrolytes

I love electrolytes. Anytime the word “electro” can be worked into a nutrition term, then I’m a fan. Hell, I’ll eat and drink more electrolytes just because the name is cool. But electrolytes, like antioxidants, are more than a sexy nutrition term. Electrolytes are minerals with electrical powers. They use their electricity to send communication... Continue Reading →

Keeping Your Foundation Strong. A Message from Vitamin D.

Dear humans, Hello, my name is Deon. You probably know me by my Earth name: Vitamin D. With winter upon us, I thought it was necessary to provide you with some critical information. First, I ask that you keep this message confidential. The Academy of Nutrients, Vitamins And Minerals (ANVAM) has made me swear not... Continue Reading →

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